Insights on Technology's Role in Manufacturing, Process and Automation

Deadline Solutions (DSI) is passionate about the industries we serve and the new technologies available to create better solutions. DSI was birthed from this passion and excitement that drives us. This blog is to share that excitement with you.

DSI's Latest offering is eForms, an Electronic Process Logbookis an immutable digital ledger that allows companies to create a digital twin for everything in their domain. Built to use a private Blockchain System (coming later in 2018). It gives users the ability to add human and machine activities into the Electronic Logbook, no matter the process control system or DCS / MES.

Blockchain Clients

At DSI, our commitment to Digital Transformation through our eForms Lightning System allows companies to record digital information about assets, processes, and Standard Operating Procedures ( SOPs). The system uses a traditional relational database to keep a ‘rolling’ operations ledger against these assets. What we mean by ‘rolling’ is....

Learning from Bitcoin Technologies

Bitcoin, the internet money founded by Satoshi Nakamoto back in 2009 is rapidly gaining in popularity. The electronic currency also known as cryptocurrency gained a further endorsement when in April 2017 Japan announced that Bitcoin could be used as legal tender. Cryptocurrencies around the world were legitimized by that single action and the popularity and reputation of cryptocurrencies is likely to increase as more countries adopt them. However, there is more to Bitcoin, it is the basis for many technologies favored by business media companies and corporate board rooms everywhere.

Vertical Web Framework

Deadline Solutions, Inc. has developed a new type of Web Framework, a - Vertical Web Framework – to enable our customers to realize productivity gains.

What is a Vertical Web Framework (VWF)? A VWF is a framework that does one thing really well – in our case, it allows for the gathering of production and shop floor data into a database as quickly as possible. Totally configurable and flexible and you don’t need a Web programmer to configure your forms.

Meet Electronic Process Logbooks (EPL) The first system based on our ‘Forms VWF’

Plant Wide Web Platform

Factory Glue” for critical thinkers.  Notice we didn’t say programmers………

At DSI, we have developed a new type of Plantwide Application for Corporations and Small Businesses alike.   A ‘Forms and Element Database’ System for your company Intranet that Production and Automation Managers can use to fetch data from the factory floor or other business systems in order to make timely, more productive decisions.  All of this and you maintain an immutable, non-changeable audit trail that allows you to look into the past of your production activities.