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Factory Glue” for critical thinkers.  Notice we didn’t say programmers………

At DSI, we have developed a new type of Plantwide Application for Corporations and Small Businesses alike.   A ‘Forms and Element Database’ System for your company Intranet that Production and Automation Managers can use to fetch data from the factory floor or other business systems in order to make timely, more productive decisions.  All of this and you maintain an immutable, non-changeable audit trail that allows you to look into the past of your production activities.

Integrating Enterprise Applications

Most businesses today operate with several Enterprise “Anchors”.  SAP, Maximo, OSI PI, Emerson Delta V, ABB Industrial IT.

Corporations spend countless dollars having custom applications developed to get information between these systems.  So many things to consider when ‘integrating’ enterprise applications:

1)      Database Design ($$$)

2)      Qualified Internal and External Resources ($$$)

3)      Infrastructure ($$$)

4)      Scalability

5)      Rollout

6)      Support

7)      And last but not least – budget – never enough of this….. ($$$$)


EPL – DSI’s Plantwide Web Platform – to the Rescue:

Out of the box, without any programming or configuration, your employees can immediately start logging events that they would traditionally do with paper documents and forms

*      Paper Logbooks and Forms eliminated. 

*      An immutable, non-changeable, record of activities that is completely searchable. Nice!

*      No long-term paper storage                       



ElementDB – the Secret Sauce to EPL…..

Figure 1. Add Element

The only database you’ll ever need.  No need for custom SQL Databases anymore.

The EPL system comes with a basic Element that activities and events can be logged against.

However, the system allows anyone to simply create Elements that match your business.  Create elements that represent the following:

*      Equipment

*      Plant Areas

*      Processes

*      Plant Hierarchy

  Assign Properties to your element types and you now have a logical representation of your plant.  You are now free develop forms within the EPL System to view and record information from your plant.  Notice to this point that no coding is required to organize your plant setup and the recording of data.  You simply create these ‘elements’ to log information against.


FormsDB – Your window to your world!!…..

Figure 2. Sample Data Entry Form

Once you have your plant setup with your elements, simply create forms within the web based form builder and push them out to your operations personnel. 

Your dependency on external IT resources to provide information gathering and viewing tools can now start to come to an end.  The control and flexibility is now back in house.

Your internal IT or Automation group can roll out forms for all your SOPs without any outside help!  If you can search the web, you now have the ability to create forms for your plant’s information gathering needs.

Are you ready to eliminate your deep external IT budgets? Email or call us today for a hand-on demo.


“EPL- Windows forms for the Web.  Web Forms for the rest of us….”