Electronically Capture Expertise, Issues, and Tasks

Elevate you process and stop manually authoring operator log book entries and advance the way archive actions and event resolution notes are preserved.

Deadline Solutions introduces a way to move from manual operator logbook procedures to electronic recording of operator activities and system events. With eProcess Logbook, operators can record daily operation information, view the pending tasks, and access information on previous issues and tasks. Meanwhile eProcess Logbook can collect system events from a MES (Manufacturing Execution System) or DCS (Distributed Control System) system and log them automatically without human intervention!

Use eProcess Logbook to drive processes that are more consistent and capture expertise in an electronic knowledge base. The eProcess Logbook is easily and continuously customizable to your needs. With the use of the user created forms it is as flexible as a blank paper logbook, but with all the benefits of modern day information technologies. Previous entries are accurate, easy to read, easily found. Users can search past log entries to find solutions for issues similar to current problems.

Maintaining your knowledge base without paper logbooks and file cabinets has never been easier or more effective. eProcess Logbook can be used on internet enabled devises like tablets, PC’s or servers. It can also integrate with MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and DCS (Distributed Control System) systems like Emerson’s DeltaV and Syncade.

You can try eProcess logbook risk free with nothing to download or install. At your request, Deadline Solutions will set up a private eProcess Logbook server dedicated to your use for a trial period. Use your secure eProcess Logbook sandbox to see how easy and flexible it is to use. Customize it to your needs and discover new ways to improve your process and productivity!