Meet The Electronic Process Logbook System

eForms Electronic Process Logbook
eForms Electronic Process Logbook

The Access to Information is the Key

We see it every day. The access to information is the key to businesses making informed decisions about their manufacturing processes and the employee workflows. Often, only companies with deep operating budgets can afford to purchase information systems that may or may not have an electronic logbook and employ IT professional to both help and empower these operations and decisions with actionable data. Discover eForms an Electronic Logbook

Deadline Solutions, Inc. has developed eForms as a new type of enterprise application for corporations and Small Businesses alike.

Picture a world where creating information gathering tools and experiences can be done by anyone in your company with the knowledge of your business.

At DSI, we have created just such a tool. Meet eForms, the Electronic Process Logbook System. More than a logbook system though, it is an information gathering tool that can take your critical thinking staff and make them instantly more productive.

eForms does for information gathering what tools like excel did for information analysis for the workforce masses

Data Gathering in Business Today

So here is how data gathering works in business today…..say we are using Agile to develop a brand-new system or for that fact update an existing one:

  1. Operations personnel come up with a plan to get information from the shop floor so that they can perform analysis
  2. They typically engage site IT or outside IT for help in putting the information gather requirements
  3. IT then proposes a solution of either in house Enterprise solutions (if the work process is lucky enough to exist already) or a custom software solution.
  4. This process of requirements, database design, Schema approvals, goes on and on….
  5. Create the database, get it installed somewhere, change the database……this goes on and on and on……
  6. Finally, an information system is rolled out weeks and month later and everyone hopes that the tool will be used and engaged by the plant floor personnel.
  7. This process can be expensive.

Now let’s look at a typical eForms data gathering roll out:

  1. Operations personnel come up with a plan to get information from the shop floor so that they can perform analysis
  2. Using eForms, the Operations personnel create a ‘Form’ using the form builder within eForms. No programming is necessary. If you can point and click a mouse you simply create groups and fields on your new form….
  3. Assign the Form to the area of the plant you need operations personnel to access it from…give it a quick test and examine the log entry…..
  4. Inform the users that the entry form is there……
  5. That’s it! Your users are now creating immutable, unchangeable data entry! No programmers or IT personnel required!

We take Web data entry forms and shrink the time from concept to roll-out by many factors. Are you ready to eliminate your deep IT budgets? Email or call us today for a hand-on demo.

eForms- Windows forms for the Web. Web Forms for the rest of us….”