eForms Delivers a Paperless Logbook and Online Forms Digital Ledger

eForms takes any paper or PDF / Docx form based system and give the long-awaited promise of a paperless office.

Is This You?

You've invested in the technologies driving up production in your office or manufacturing plant but, you still have paper-based logbooks for your processes or paper SOP libraries. Or are you still using paper training forms and record keeping and compliance is a full-time job?

Maybe you thought it would be easier to convert these paper systems to PDF files or entries in an Excel spreadsheets or on Google Docs. So now things are a bit better, but has all the effort brought the expected reward?

Spending Too Much Time Looking for Old Logbook Entries?

eForms is an Electronic Process Logbook that is fully searchable and reportable. Easily filter out groups of events by area, devices, event, or by the author.


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Entering Manufacturing Events Manually?

eForms looks for events generated on plant DCS, MES, PLC, SCADA, and other systems and makes human readable, fully searchable and reportable logbook entries. It integrates systems such as Emerson's DeltaV and OSIsoft's PI Systems.

Tracking SOP & Training Requirements Cutting into Productivity?

eForms is more than an Electronic Logbook. It's a digital Forms ledger. It delivers your SOP's and training material to employees and provides one centralized tool for read / acknowledge / test verifications. Tasks can be scheduled or added ad-hoc. Managers and supervisors can then review the submissions online and provide proof of compliance.

Feeling it's time to go paperless?

Deadline Solutions, Inc. created the eForms the Electronic Process Logbook system to eliminate paper-based systems and logbooks. It is a no programming required web-based app with an easy to use interface. Users can manually enter entries and the built-in scripting service gathers event details from process systems and automatically logs them.

What are you waiting for?

Sometimes the only thing holding up a positive change is an easy decision. You know there has to be a better way, and you have found it. Make the choice to find out more about eForms Electronic Process Logbook Today. Try eForms


Why eForms the Electronic Process Logbook?

The perfect blend of machine and man

Modern industrial and pharmaceutical manufacturing processes generate a continuous flow of operational, maintenance and safety events. These events occur within the process in many areas and at various levels. Sources of these events are manufacturing systems (DCS, PLC, SCADA, etc.) and employees working in the manufacturing processes.

eProcess Logbook is a control system-independent web-based application running privately on your network. It automatically gathers information from a wide range of data sources such as plant databases, MES/ERP systems, process historians, and maintenance management systems.

eForms Electronic Process Logbook the Paperless finish line

Benefits Of eProcess Logbook

Technology Designed to Serve People


If you track these events with spreadsheets or paper-based logbooks, your decision to start using eProcess Logbook brings a serious return on your investment that is not measurable by monetization alone. See the list below for some of the ways your switch to eProcess Logbook pays off.


Software systems used in modern manufacturing, do not integrate well with traditional methods of data logging, resulting in multiple information silos. Additionally, paper-based logbooks do not integrate with systems for safety and other human processes. The eProcess Logbook is a new kind of operations logbook. It works from PC’s, web browsers and mobile devices to capture, manage and find any event efficiently and consistently.