Steps to Create the First Logbook Entry Form

1 Design a Form

The Form is what a user see when they enter a logbook entry.

2 Create an Element Type

An Element is typically some piece of equipment but it could be a software system or something else entirely. The Element Type is a collection of properties common to Elements of the same classification. Element Types have defined options for each of the properties.

If we take your computer as an example of an Element, the Element Type would be Computer. An example Element Type arrogates these common computer properties:

  • Operating system type (Windows, Mac and Linux)
  • Form Factor (Tablet, Laptop, Desktop, etc.)
  • Brand (Dell, HP, Acer, Mac, etc.)

3 Define a Reason Code

Reason Codes are a way of categorizing activities and events for an Element. For Example, Maintenance, Calibration, System Error, etc.

4 Define an Area

Areas typically define a physical location of an element or an association of Elements. In the case of your computer, the Area might refer to your office room numbers. For manufacturing, Area could refer to general area names at the plant such as Packaging, Labs, Mechanical, etc.

5 Create an Element

As described in the Create Element Types, an Element is the thing (equipment usually) you make a logbook entry for. For example:

The Activity or Event

The Element

A tech repairs a pump.

The Pump

An administrator updates a software system.

The Software System