Creating the First Logbook Entry

1 Log in as a user with operator or greater access rights and click on the Logbook Entry menu item.

Users that are operators or supervisors have access to make logbook entries for assigned Areas only.

2 Select an Area, Element, Form and Reason Code.

The system filters down to a narrow list of Reason Codes by using the heat map or the series of drop downs. In some environments (DCS Graphic, Webpage etc.), the administrator may have created a direct link to a specific reason code. A direct link will automatically select the values of each drop down.

3 Complete the Entry Form.

A Form may be either an Instant or Sequence Form.

  • Instant Forms: Fill in all the fields and submit the form to the logbook.
  • Sequence Forms: Fill in all the fields in a group and save the Sequence Group. The Form is ready to submit to the logbook once the users save all the Sequence Groups.

About the form Types

An Instant Form is completed and submitted to the logbook in a single step. A Sequence Form has multiple Sequence Groups that users complete in a sequence. Forms with the in-progress status are sequence forms that have only some groups completed. The system does not submit a Sequence Form to the logbook until users complete all the Sequence Groups.

You can tell a Form is a Sequence if there are Save and Next buttons at the bottom of a group. If a Sequence Form has all but the last group filled in, the save buttons are not displayed but, each completed group has a check next to the group title.