Using eForms the Electronic Process Logbook

Searching the Logbook

Users that are operators or supervisors have access to make logbook entries for assigned Areas only.

Select an Area, Element, Form and Reason Code.

The system filters down to a narrow list of Reason Codes by using the heat map or the series of drop downs. In some environments (DCS Graphic, Webpage etc.), the administrator may have created a direct link to a specific reason code. A direct link will automatically select the values of each drop down.

Complete the Entry Form.

Users can use the Logbook Menu item to search for existing logbook entries with simple and advanced search options. Entries can be found under the following tabs:

  • Log Entries: Submitted Ad Hoc Form entries.
  • In Progress:
  • Campaign: Entries created as part of a campaign.

Reviewing Logbook Entries

After the system or a user submits a logbook entry, the entry waits for an authorized user to review it. The reviewer can leave comments to attach to the entry before marking it as reviewed.

Managing Users

Authorized users can add, delete users and manage the access levels of the users.

Automatic Entries & Module Classes

Automatic logbook entries allow for e Process Logbook to collect information about system events and make automatic logbook entries. These automatic entries are configured in part, with Module Classes.


Logbook Reason Codes and Forms can be grouped together and scheduled to run. When a campaign is run, it will post entries for users to complete in the Logbook – Campaign tab.

Link Creator

It is possible to create direct URL links to streamline entering a new logbook entry.

Audit Trail

The audit trail logs all system configuration changes and review status changes. It tracks who changed what and when.