Configuring eProcess Logbook Forms

Forms collect information from the user to include in the logbook entry.

Forms come in two types, Instant and Sequence. Instant forms are for user to make a completed logbook entry in one session. A Sequence Form is for those logbook entries that take input from processes that progress over time or steps. An example of an Instant type entry would be a maintenance task where a repair was completed. A Sequence logbook entry would be used when a task takes time to complete and is done in stages.

For example if your entry were for making bread, the first sequence of events would be mixing the ingredients. The baker would make an entry on a Sequence Form in the first Group Sequence. Then after some time passes for the dough to rise, the baker then places the dough into a pan and into an oven to bake and completes and other Sequence in the same logbook entry. After baking, the baker removes it from the oven and completes another Sequence in the same logbook entry. The final Sequence entry is made after the bread is cooled, removed from the pan and sliced. At this point the log book entry goes from an in-progress logbook entry to a completed logbook entry.


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Some Rules

  • From names must be unique. Use the search feature to see if an Area already exists.
  • An Form cannot be deleted it is associated with a Reason or if it has been used in a logbook entry
  • Forms are made up of groups and the groups contain the controls that collect user input.
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