Editing Forms

Getting There

  • Log in as an administrator.
  • Click on the Configuration menu item.
  • Click on the tab labeled Form.
  • Find the Form to edit in the list and click on it

Doing the Work

(See Image 1 Creating A New Form)
  • Click on the Red Edit Pencil button in the top right.
    (See Image 2 Form Preview)
  • Editing the Form
    • Click on the Edit Pencil button to the right of the Form Name
      (See Image 3 Editing the Form)
    • Edit the Form name
      (See Image 4 Editing Form Properties)
    • Chose a Form Type (Instant or Sequence) from the Form Type dropdown
    • Create Groups
      • Type a name of a new group in the text box below the Group header.
      • Click the Plus Icon button
    • Order The Groups
      • The Form Groups order can be changed by dragging the groups up or down in the Group List
    • Click the Ok button when you are finished.
Image 2 Form Preview
Image 3 Editing the Form
Image 4 Editing Form Properties
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