eForms Makes Paper Forms & Logbooks Web‑based

eForms Makes Paper Forms & Logbooks Web‑based

eForms Electronic Process Logbook
eForms Electronic Process Logbook

What is eForms?

eForms is an electronic online forms and process logbook system. It was originally intended as an electronic replacement for a pharmaceutical process logbook but it is designed to be so much more than that.

How Can You Use eForms?

Think about your office and your company's daily operation, do you ever have a form you need to fill out (paper or PDFs files, Word Docs) or a logbook you have to update ( again either paper or a spreadsheet)? Sometimes these things are overlooked because that is the way it’s always been done.

Online Web Forms as Flexible as Paper,
As Easy as Paper too!

SOP and Training

eForms Electronic Process Logbook replaces paper SOP and training logbooks
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Libraries, Logs, and Forms

Place you training and SOPs directly into eForms and you can assign and schedule them to users for review. Maintaining a logbook of their compliance.

Read, Test, and Acknowledge Forms

Attached Tests and read and acknowledgment signatures to new or changed documents or create a scheduled(annual, quarterly, or even daily) review plans.

Track Compliance

Every entry or lack of entries can be tracked by the system. The built-in audit trail and use of electronic signatures provide regulatory level compliance including CFR 21 part 11.

Personnel Management

eForms Electronic Process Logbook replaces paper forms on clipboards
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Vacation Time Request Forms

Replace paper-based request forms, emails, or text messages that you might use know for time off request. Request remain private and managers can keep a historical record.

Office Supply Request

No more hanging a clipboard next to a supply shelf. eForms provides a way for employees to make order request for more paper clips or pens and you can see a historical ordering record.

Asset Sign-out Sign-in

Make forms for users to schedule usage of meeting rooms, proprietary documents or other company assets that need to be accounted for.

Consolidate Checklists and Reports

eForms Electronic Process Logbook replaces paper checklist forms
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Unified Input

ay that company gathers and reports similar information to various third parties in their specific format. You can use eForms to capture the information in one consistent form, then let the power of eForms scripts to output it to the appropriate format.

Procedural Checklists

Do you have a re-occurring task that you use a clipboard and a paper checklist to complete? eForms on a tablet or smartphone is the perfect replacement for the paper checklist and clipboard.

Shift Turnover Reports

Create Forms that employees fill out during their shift to help maintain cooperative process management through shifts changes. It’s like a diary for the process.

Equipment Tracking and Maintenance

eForms Electronic Process Logbook replaces paper forms
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Sign-Out Forms

Track the use and location of common equipment such as LCD projectors, Specialized tools, Pumps, Filtration skids, and more.

Repair activity Forms

Create Work Orders or Repair Tickets for anything in your company. Getting the right people and process assigned to a task as soon as possible. You decide the level of detail. A form specific to a device, a type of device, or an open-ended from for anything.

Preventative Maintenance Scheduling

Create forms with the Digital Twin philosophy and schedule PM at any interval you need. At the same time, you get a PM Logbook that is reportable, auditable, and secure.

eForms is the factory glue, binding data and activities together.
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