eForms Automation

Automatic Logbook Entries & Scripting from Operations

When interfaced with DeltaV, SAP, Maximo and other systems, eForms saves real dollars for organizations manually maintaining equipment tracking logs or other system logbooks. eForms Automation allows forms to be filled in automatically from information coming from many sources. No more need for manual entries and reviews for accuracy.

    Module Builder and Configurator

  • Create Module templates that can be used on similar assets

  • Map OPC points to the Module Alias Tags (i.e. BatchID, System State)

  • Any given event writes automatic entries to the event log.

  • Allow for the perfect blend of Man (form entries) and Machine (OPC automatic entries).

    RESTful and Database calls from with a Form

  • Using Form Builder, create forms that allow for dynamic display of real-time data

  • Using SQL Database calls or RESTful/SOAP Web Services calls, fetch data from 3rd party systems like your DeltaV, ABB, or Honeywell DCS

  • Fetch data from Web APIs from both within your plant and external

  • Fetch and Record on the eForms Digital ledger

C# scripting from within your eForm objects.  Makes eForms more flexible than any other logbook system.

C# scripting from within your eForms objects. Makes eForms more flexible than any other logbook system.


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